Lightroom Presets

Compatible with Adobe Lightroom 4 & 5

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Andrian Spencer - Wedding Photographer

Adrian Spencer
Wedding Photographer

“They really helped me speed up my workflow and add a distinct feel to my photos in seconds.”

Chris Burkard Testimonial

Chris Burkard
Surf & Travel Photographer

“The presets are rad! I’ve tried them on my photos and they’re great. I dig your work, keep it up!”

Luka Esenko Testimonial

Luka Esenko
Landscape & Travel Photographer

“I really like the range of film presets. They are very subtle, not crushing like the others I’ve tried.”

Visually Exquisite

Addictively Fast

Inspired by the timeless patina of legendary analog films, we at Addicted create Lightroom presets that help you bring out the best in your photography. Our Lightroom presets add a subtle character and beautiful film tones to your digital photos.
Quickly and effortlessly stylize your images with one of our Lightroom presets. Fine-tune the details with your desired amount of effect. Finally, with just a few clicks, add signature touches that turn your photos into powerful artistic expressions.