• Dose of Vintage Lightroom Presets by Addicted
  • film inspired vintage lightroom presets
  • Vintage Lightroom Presets by Addicted
  • Black and White Fix Lightroom Presets by Addicted

Visually Exquisite | Addictively Easy

Inspired by the timeless patina of legendary analog films, we at Addicted create Lightroom presets that help you bring out the best in your photography. Quickly and effortlessly stylize your images with one of our presets. Fine-tune the details with your desired amount of effect. Finally, with just a few clicks, add signature touches that turn your memories into powerful artistic moments.

Dramatic Vibrance, With Just a Few Clicks

Traveling around the world has given us a new perspective on everyday moments. We’re excited to share our secrets on how to create captivating images from every click of your camera. Enrich any shot with stunning color and definition – from portraits, weddings to street photography, and beyond.

lightroom presets before and after

All Dressed-Up in Black & White

When it comes to visual impact, nothing resonates like Black & White film. Following in the footsteps of photography icons, we’ve created monochrome presets that combine classic cachet with modern adaptability, allowing you to choose the ideal contrast, balance and toning options for your image.

lightroom presets before and after