How to install Lightroom presets

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1. Download the .zip file with presets
2. Open .zip file on your computer
3. Open Lightroom go to “Lightroom” > “Preferences”
4. Under “Presets” click “Show Lightroom Presets Folder…”
5. Inside “Lightroom” folder open “Develop Presets” folder
6. Copy and paste the Lightroom presets folder from a .zip file into “Develop Presets” folder
7. Restart Lightroom and go to Develop Module to see the presets

I can't download my Lightroom presets after purchase

After purchase, the download link will be sent to your email automatically. The process may take a few minutes. Please check your junk folder just in case or contact us if you still can’t download your presets.

I lost my presets, how can I re-download them?

You can re-download your Lightroom presets by logging in to your Addicted Presets account. Go to my “account” link at the top of the page. If you forgot your password choose “Reset Password” option. If you did not create an account with us – find your original purchase email with a download link. You can download your presets 5 times before the link will expire.